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Our Skateboard information page is a one stop for all happenings in Hull & East Yorkshire. 

For example, Skateboarding lessons, to people we work with, to Skate park information. 
When we say Quay is the home of Skateboarding in Hull & East Yorkshire, we meant it! 

For Skateboarding lessons, we recommend Active Sports, they have been teaching Skateboarding in Hull & East Yorkshire for over 15 years, they have a wealth of experience, offer 1-2-1 lessons, fully DBS checked and insured & work alongside the councils and in Schools.

There are around 10 Skate parks in Hull alone, check out the Live It Hull page dedicated to Skate park info in Hull. 

East Yorkshire has a lot more Skateparks, have a look on the link below to the Skateparks Project website to see what is about, if you want anymore information on other Skate parks in the East Riding, just give us a call or message, we know them all! 

The UK has a few different Skateboard magazines, we stock most of them in the shop too, check out the links below to some of the best magazines in the UK.

As well as the UK Mags there are some pretty good US mags / info sites which cover the full world of Skateboarding, we've put a couple of links below to the best ones.

We now have a national governing body in the UK for Skateboarding, Skateboard GB. 
Quay owner Paul, was one of the first directors which help set up the governing body back in 2017, known then as Skateboard England. For all things to do with Skateboarding in the Olympics to national competitions and such, check out the SBGB website below. 

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